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Rear-Entry Handicap Vans

No turning required. Get straight in and straight out with a rear-entry handicap van.

For people in wheelchairs and scooters, getting in and out of a rear-entry handicap van can be easier. Once you’ve roll into the van, you don’t need to maneuver yourself into a forward-seated position like you do with a side-entry van.

Rear-entry vans also allow you to enter and exit in parking lots without worrying about being blocked in by a driver who parks too close. And if you’ve got a narrow garage, the rear-entry van could be perfect for you.

How a rear-entry handicap van is converted:

Typically, the center of the van’s floor will be lowered from the rear hatch to just behind the front seats before the ramp is installed. This leaves a path up the center of the van for you to maneuver in your wheelchair or scooter. The rear-entry van can accommodate two wheelchairs at the same time.

The driver’s seat and front passenger seat are not modified in a rear-entry van. Likewise, the two center seats can typically be left in place. A rear bench seat is also available through your dealer for extra seating. When it’s not needed, just fold the bench up and out of the way.

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