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Wheelchair Vans and Basketball Have One Thing in Common: Tacoma, Wa

Watching wheelchair basketball can be one of the most exciting and unique experiences you’ll ever have. Well, only until you drive away from a Tacoma wheelchair van dealer in your new ride.

Just kidding, these guys are very talented.

Every move, pass and three point shot takes on an entirely new skill level when you have to do it from a wheelchair. And watching two teams battle it out can be more inspiring than anything else.

For Tacoma residents, the Tacoma Titans have provided a full season of excitement and high-energy wheelchair basketball games

Luckily wheelchair van parking is available outside the Tacoma, Wa stadium.

And because of the team’s diligence in working together, they’ve coined an entry into the post season. Competing for the best in the nation title—a first for Tacoma.

One reason this team has made it so far this year is because of the competitive nature and strategic plays, according to referee John Webb. He said the game that put the team into the tournament was one of the “most exciting” games he’s ever officiated.

wheelchair-vans-tacoma-waThe tournament this year was held in Colorado Springs, CO. There are 24 Division III teams that participate in the tournament. The tournament is a great feat because wheelchair basketball was little more than just a recreational team less than five years ago.

Wheelchair Vans offer reliability when heading to Tacoma, Wa.

Today, wheelchair-bound basketball players are getting thousands of dollars through fundraisers. This helps fund team travel expenses outside of Tacoma, usually in rented wheelchair vans.

The Tacoma Titans are made of civilians, injured military veterans as well as active-duty soldiers. They range in age from 19 to 37. Several of the teammates are rookies while others have been playing for 10 years or more.

Daniel Clarke is a good example of an experienced wheelchair basketball player. The 35-year-old has been playing wheelchair basketball in the Tacoma area for 15 years. When he started a team at the local YMCA over a decade ago, there was just a Seattle team. There was nothing like it available in the South area, where Tacoma Titans play their home games. And yes, wheelchair van parking is available at the Tacoma stadium.

Whether or not you live in the Tacoma area, jump in your wheelchair van to follow this winning team throughout the season.

Hey, maybe you could pick up some great tips on how to make the team for next season!

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