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Steering Controls

Driving & Steering Controls

Though getting around can be a challenge, you dont always have to be a passenger. The Mobility Resource can modify your vehicle so that you can remain in the drivers seat and stay in control.

Adaptive driving controls, also known as car hand controls, include special equipment that gives you alternate control of a motor vehicle. Hand controls let people with disabilities operate the gas and brake with one hand and the steering wheel with the other. They may include more extensive controls such as a drive-by-wire joystick that controls all the driving functions of the vehicle.

Hand controls make driving easier and safer for individuals with limited mobility. Talk with your local Mobility Resource dealer before making a purchase to find out if you qualify for up to $1,000 plus two extra years of the OnStar safety and security service through GMs Mobility Reimbursement Program.

Contact a local dealer here for more information on available mobility options, including our various handicap accessible vans and other adaptive equipment that is ready for purchase.

Car Hand Control Products

There are two categories of hand controls: primary and secondary. Primary controls control the gas and brake. Secondary controls operate the other functions of the vehicle such as horn, wipers, radio and air conditioning. Driving controls can be either mechanical or power-supported via electronics, pneumatics or hydraulics.

Talk to a trained Mobility Resource specialist before making a purchase, installing or transferring any set of driving controls to ensure the drivers safety and the safety of others around them. Contact one here.

Mechanical Hand Controls
Users can operate the vehicle using handles, levers and pivot points to control the gas, brake and other driving functions. Learn more

Power-Supported Hand Controls
Drivers can operate their adapted vehicles by use of electric, pneumatic or hydraulic hand controls so that driving takes little effort. Drive-by-wire systems use a joystick-style control to operate the driving controls. Learn more



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The Mobility Resource™ is a network of mobility dealers who make traveling easier for you or your loved one. Whether you're searching for adaptive equipment for your scooter or wheelchair, or an innovative product like our Turning Automotive Seat that makes getting in and out of a vehicle easier for anyone, our customized solutions are available to those with a wide range of needs.

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