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Fact Sheet

The Mobility Resource fact sheet for members of the media.
The Mobility Resource fact sheet for members of the media.

With more than 100 independent accessible vehicle dealers nationwide, The Mobility Resource is one of the largest adaptive driving networks in the U.S. We maintain the nation’s largest online inventory of wheelchair accessible vehicles and adaptive driving equipment.

Our goal is to provide solutions for people with disabilities, so that they can enjoy the freedom of driving or simply riding in a vehicle in the most convenient and comfortable ways possible.


The Mobility Resource works closely with industry leading manufacturers like Bruno, BraunAbility and Mobility SVM to bridge the digital gap between dealers and consumers. These authorized dealers carry extensive selections of industry leading accessible vehicles and adaptive driving equipment.


In addition to our huge selection of wheelchair accessible vehicles, we offer some of the industry’s most advanced products and solutions. Among the many products we offer are:

Vans and trucks adapted for use by people with disabilities.

Turning auto seating.
Steering controls, including manual and power-supported driving controls.
Wheelchair and scooter lifts
Voice recognition.
Drive-by-wire systems.



Akron, Ohio


Paul Musso, CEO, Adaptive Driving Alliance

Board of Directors

Bill Koeblitz, President, MobilityWorks

Eric Mansfield, CEO, Hasco Medical

Richard May, President, United Access

Sam Cook, President, Superior Van and Mobility

Michael Dresdner, Partner, MobilityWorks


All dealers in The Mobility Resource network, are recognized by the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association’s (NMEDA) Quality Assurance Program (QAP). It was developed to promote quality, safety and reliability within the industry. QAP is the only program of its kind, and its stringent guidelines ensure that every customer benefits from unsurpassed product quality and customer service.