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With summer on the horizon, most people are already thinking about hitting the beach. For those who use wheelchairs, it’s important to know there are options that allow you to enjoy the sand with ease.

There are a surprising assortment of beach wheelchairs and scooters available to help make your summer special. The trick, of course, it selecting the one that is best for you.

Check out this list of some of the more popular and accessible beach wheelchairs to help make your decision.

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The De-Bug

This is the least expensive option—and quite possibly the option that has the most unique appearance. It’s bubble wheels are certainly eye catching and their made-to-order options from the manufacturer make it attractive. A stainless steel frame and tilt and reclining seating aren’t too shabby, either. Folding ability for travel makes it a great option for those trips to the beach!


This chair moves easily through the sand thanks to the pneumatic plastic wheels. Its removable upholstery is made of nylon and the design of stainless steel tubing ensures that the chance of over-heating is reduced. While the traditional Landeez model is designed ot be pushed from behind, a self-propelled version with push rims is also available. And of course, like any good beach wheelchair, an umbrella can easily be attached.

The Hot Shot

With nothing more than a simple wheel change, the Hot Shot offers beach-goers one of the only all-terrain motorized chairs out there. Hotshot chairs are built to customer specifications and, in most cases, can be easily folded down to make travelling easy. While it’s easily the most expensive chair on this list, there are beach conversion kits accessible directly from the company that can be used for certain brands of power chairs.

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