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I recently read an article titled 5 minutes in a mom’s head. I thought it was a great example of the chaos that can go on inside our craniums sometimes as we’re doing this mothering thing. However, I think that the chaos is a little bit different for mothers of kids who have special needs, we’ve got typical household chaos, kid chaos and then this other layer of medical/caretaker chaos all rolled together. So let me invite you in to 5 minutes in the head of a mother of a child with special needs.

On any given day you might find my thoughts going something like this:

I know I told him five times to take his pills, but did he ever take his pills? I better check. Where’s the pill box… why don’t these kids ever put anything away where it belongs? What day is it? Do we have Occupational therapy or speech therapy tonight? Oh crap, I forgot to make him do that homework for occupational therapy, I’ll bring a pencil, he can do it in the car. When is the talent show at the school again? Did I ever send in the talent show form?

Oh and I can’t forget to order that all natural sunscreen. I wish it wasn’t so expensive. Maybe I’ll try to make some, carrot seed oil apparently has a high SPF, and so does raspberry seed oil, who would have guessed. I’ll make a mental note to look for a recipe. What was that mental note again? Oh well, guess it wasn’t important.

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I’ve got to remember to call to RSVP for the birthday party today, before midnight! Why do I always remember the calls I need to make in the middle of the night? And what about that party at the trampoline place? I know he’ll want to go but I just heard that they have multiple head injuries a week there, we can’t risk another brain injury for the sake of trampolining. Maybe I’m being overprotective.

When we were practicing vision therapy exercises last night, was his eye wondering more than usual? Make a mental note to mention that to the therapist. On second thought, I better make an actual note. What should we have for dinner tonight? Maybe I’ll grill some chicken and make a big salad.  Oh right, I can’t grill chicken tonight, it’s Tuesday. I have to pick up one kid from dance at 6:00pm and get another one to track practice by 6:30pm. What can I feed the kids in the car that won’t make a giant mess of the car upholstery? Ha ha ha, like my car upholstery is salvageable anyway.   Don’t forget a water bottle for the track. Better get these kids moving or we’ll never make it to his therapy appointment on time. So this part I would actually say: “Hustle up you two, we’ve got to roll out of here NOW!”

Dang it, I forgot the pencil. And the sandwiches. And the water bottle. At least I remembered both kids, I’ll call that a parenting win! 

I wonder when my husbands coming home tonight? I’m sure he told me how late he was working but I can’t remember that conversations at all. I’ll call him to check, oh and I’ll let him know he can eat those sandwiches for dinner that I forgot on the counter. I wonder if there’s a pencil under the seat. I’ll check at the next stop sign. Seriously if these children don’t stop arguing I’m going to lose it, lose it!! Don’t forget to sign that field trip slip, and the t-shirt order form. Do we really need another t-shirt? There’s no drawer space for another t-shirt.

I think maybe he was zoning out more than usual tonight during homework tonight. I bet it’s that increased dose on the seizure medicine, better call the neurologist and give them an update. I can’t believe we don’t have the OT homework done again. So embarrassing! She’s going to think I’m the flightiest mother ever! And of course, we’re running late. All the other mom’s seem to have it so much more together than I do.

Did the orthotist ever call about those new braces? Hasn’t it been weeks? I’m sure it’s been too long. I hope they didn’t get lost in transit. I’d better call them tomorrow. Oh and don’t forget to call about those medical bills, so sick of medical bills! I’ll make a mental note to take care of that tomorrow. Oh dear, what was that mental note again?

McDonald’s or Wendy’s for dinner tonight. I wonder if I can plan a route so we don’t pass the McDonald’s, out of sight out of mind. Did I remember to change the laundry loads before we left? I really need those pants clean for work tomorrow.  Work tomorrow… must finish that report before bed tonight! Oh look, there’s a pencil in my cup holder! Sweet! But where did I leave that homework page from last weeks session? Ugh!

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