A Poem: Come Touch His Cheek - The Mobility Resource

This child of mine you stare at so,

Please come closer so you will know

Just who my child is and what I see

when those sweet eyes stare back at me

I see no limits to my child’s life

Although I know

It will be filled with strife,

I’m hoping that doors will open each day

I’m praying that kindness

will come his way

You look frightened?

You tremble with fear?

Come, come closer

touch him my dear

Touch his cheek so soft

so sweet

Be one of those people

he needs to meet

Someone who will look

and hopefully see

The skill, the talent

The ability

Please come closer

You don’t have to speak

Come a little closer

Just touch his cheek

And when you do

you will see

this sweet, sweet child

is no different

than you or me


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