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Social media gives instantaneous access to awareness, education, and reaction. 

 Here are just a few headlines that illustrate the power of social media:

One woman’s note over accessible handicap spot goes viral.

Reaction to Kylie Jenner’s photo shoot in a wheelchair

Reaction to Trump’s comments about a reporter with a disability.

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For people with disabilities news outlets and social media avenues give a new platform for social justice. Whether experiencing a personal injustice or a social cause, social media gives instantaneous coverage, and reaction.

Creating a Community

Many families have created Facebook pages or fundraising pages that sheds light on their personal experiences. Sharing visual photographs and frequent updates gives people insight into daily living, fundraising needs, and creating a network.

Building a community online also connects you to like-minded people, forming a natural base for grassroots social advocacy. 

On-site Reviews

Looking for an accessible hiking trail, restaurant, or travel destination? Blogs, reviews, and posts gives on-site perspectives before you even hit the road. In addition, blog reviews become an important aspect of sharing personal experiences and having a voice in the community. 

Realize, before you cross a destination off your list,  this is someone else’s perspective.

Power of Video

Several years ago, a father secretly taped his son being abused by a special-education teacher, which ignited a controversy over hidden cameras and audio recorders. However, without this recording, he had no proof of what had been happening to his son. 

With the press of a button on our phones, everyone has the ability to video experiences, and for people with disabilities, this becomes a powerful tool to show personal injustices, systematic prejudices, and providing a platform to have a voice.


If you hit the airwaves, be aware of what you are posting and unintended backlash.

Social media posts can be tracked back to the poster for years to come, creating life-altering consequences. It could be as simple as the waitress who was fired for complaining about tips to fielding comments by trolls and online bullies or immediate backlash as this example of a viral tweet.  

Do not post online while you are emotional, upset, or angry.

Take the time you need before hitting the send button to think through your intended impact and how well it is communicated through what you’re about to share.

Creating Your Own Online Platform?

Define your message with simple, clear language. Avoid over dramatics and vulgar language/action. Share pictures and videos. Create a community. 


From the devestating needs of living through a natural disaster to creating individual and social justice, social media gives everyday users the power to share their experiences and impact the community.

What impact will you have?

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