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When I was in elementary school I loved Halloween. The idea of becoming someone new for a day was so fun. It’s probably why I love being an actor. However, as I went into high school, my friends all started wearing “sexy” costumes. I became detrimentally aware of the fact that I was different than the other girls. I became angry, upset and frustrated that I didn’t look like them. Sadly, I wasn’t able to escape the influence society places onto young women. Every year I became more frustrated with the fact that I was different, that I was a wheelchair user. A holiday that I looked forward to every year, became a dreaded day on the calendar.

Yet, as I got older the haze of insecurity began to fade. I started to become proud to be me. I found comedy. I have amazing friends that love me for who I am. I developed my outgoing personality. I found clothes that make me feel good about myself. I realized that being attractive on Halloween or any time of the year, isn’t about putting on an outfit labeled “sexy.” It’s about confidence, strength and positivity. Am I ever going to look like Kate Upton or Scarlett Johansson? Uh no. But I’m beautiful in my own way. I make sure that I use my differences and let my personality shine through in my Halloween costumes.

Every woman is special. You don’t need to be a sexy Candy Corn to be hot. Honestly no one needs to be sexy food, because it’s ridiculous. Be you. Wear a costume that makes you happy and your unique beauty will radiate.

I created a few ideas for you (complete with pictures) and added some links, at the end of this article, to some of my favorite costumes from a few incredibly creative and amazing people with disabilities. Have fun this Halloween… and eat lots of candy in the process.

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Here are some of my favorite costumes by some incredibly creative people with disabilities:

1. Josh Sundquist

2. Skylar Conover


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