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What do canine companions and accessible vehicles have in common?

Besides lots of smiles… independence and accessibility. 

Chrysler Pacifica and BraunAbility have partnered with Canine Companions for Independence, promoting “Give a Dog a Job Program,” partnering people with disabilities with canine companions.  

In February, BraunAbility unveiled their release of the 2017 BraunAbility Chrysler Pacifica. And in doing so, they have come together to highlight one of the largest canine companion nonprofits in the disability community. They train service dogs through a 12-18 month program, working with canine companions and people with disabilities to foster working relationships.

Canine Companions can dramatically increase the mobility and independence of people with disability not only in their homes, but in their communities. Turning on and off lights, finding and picking up objects, opening and closing doors are only a few commands canines will learn in this program.

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Another may be to pull a manual wheelchair up the ramp into their mobility vehicle, accompanying a person with a disability on trips and in the community.

For children and adults with autism, Asperger’s, or other sensory disabilities, Canine Companions bring comfort and may enhance forms of expression.

In a FCA February press release, Canine Companions CEO Paul Mundell comments, “BraunAbility and Chrysler Pacifica are a natural fit as a partner for Canine Companions for Independence. Canine Companions was the first and now largest provider of assistance dogs for people with physical disabilities.”

“The synergy between adapted vehicles like the BraunAbility Pacifica and the intelligence and life-changing skills of a Canine Companions assistance dog are seamlessly giving independence — and giving a dog a job. Seeing a Canine Companions assistance dog working with their partner in and around an adapted vehicle is a testament to the adaptability of our assistance dogs and their ability to enhance independence for a person with a disability.”

This partnership will bring more awareness to the benefits of Canine Companions and transportation options for people with disabilities as they become more independent in their lives.

Watch this video, and bring on the smiles:W

To learn more about their partnership you can visit:

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