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Small business owners, innovative nonprofit organizations, and even a few better-known trend-setters are diversifying the fashion industry by focusing on niche markets that have previously been overlooked.

For people with disabilities this fashion forward movement is exciting because many are finally able to enjoy properly fitted fashionable clothing and accessories!  

To highlight these movers and shakers of the fashion world, prepare for an exciting series of articles featuring the organizations below.

Tramps Bryanna March 2015

1) Nike – This week Nike will launch the Nike LeBron Soldier 8 shoe, designed with a back-strap instead of traditional laces for athletes with disabilities.

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2) Downs Designs – To instill confidence and independence among people with Downs Syndrome, Downs Designs creates stylish jeans that meet the unique needs of those they cater to.

3) Rolling Diva shop – This is THE online store for fiercely fashionable wheelchair spoke guards, wheel covers, and hubcaps!

4) Urban Decay – For those with limited hand strength or dexterity, Urban Decay’s Electric Palette is a dream come true!

5) TRAMPS compression stockings (featured in photo above) – If you have been avoiding compression stockings because their appearance cramps your style, you will fall in love with Tramps fun colors and trendy patterns!

6) Décolletage Jewel Bouquet – Limited range of motion and dexterity issues can get in the way of simple things like putting on a necklace. The Décolletage Jewel Bouquet is an elegant necklace alternative.

7) Fashion Moves Inclusive Designs – A global meeting place for models, designers, and everyone else with an interest in adaptive clothing.

8) Classy Little Fashions Foundation – This nonprofit that provides clothing for adults with nonstandard body types due to physical disabilities is gearing up to launch two HOT new and exclusive fashion lines!

9) Models of Diversity – This campaign supports and promotes models of all shapes, colors, and sizes.

10) Kathy D Woods (KDW) – KDW offers high quality, fashionable women’s clothing for Little People.

Do you need help overcoming a disability related fashion challenge?

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