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Over the past five days I have developed an incredible appreciation for fundraisers. You have to be an amazing writer, crazy-persistent, really creative and beyond persuasive.

My hat is off to all of you who have made this seemingly insurmountable feat their profession. You’re probably asking yourself, what is she trying to raise money for, that is causing her to acquire this new found appreciation? Good question.


I am producing a short film based on a play I did off-broadway this past June. The play is called Good Beer. It was written by one of my favorite playwrights (and nicest person) Sam Hunter and also stars David Harrell, who is an amazing actor.

It’s about a woman (my character) on a first date with a guy, with whom she immediately developed a great connection online. She is a wheelchair user and completely open about it, while he is hiding a secret. At it’s core, it transcends disability and is just a universally relatable love story for the 21st century. When The New York Times loves it, you know you’ve created something special.

I’m very proud to be part of this piece and I want the world to see it. This film has the ability to change the way the movers and shakers of Hollywood see actors with disabilities. David and I work our butts off, and we’re ready for people to see our work!

Nevertheless, while our talent and Sam’s fantastic words are a great combo, without money we can’t do this film justice. So, we’ve started a fundraising campaign. I’ve contacted everyone on my email list, keep posting it on Facebook, and Twitter. I’d post it on LinkedIn but I don’t understand that website…

Still, we’re struggling to raise the money we need. The director, editor and crew we’ve chosen are incredibly talented–but we need to pay them. So, I’m writing this article, because we need everyone’s help. We don’t expect this film to change the industry overnight, but it’d be a really big step in the right direction. Plus, who knows, maybe it could lead to getting me and my script about a hard working, candy loving, wheelchair using park ranger into the hands of the Parks and Rec team. Dream big, right?


You can donate to Good Beer here!


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