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You know what really bothers a lot of people? Besides segway tours?

“Hey, Timmy. Should we wear your red shirt or your blue shirt today?”

(For some reason my narrative has chosen Timmy to be incapable of dressing without assistance. Like me. Shut up).

After not mulling over the fact that “we” is plural and suggesting both persons wear the shirt at once, Timmy replies with “I don’t care” and promptly doesn’t remove the two shirts from the speaker (Hi, Mom) who is still baffled as to which to choose.

It happens everywhere. “Water or milk?”

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“I don’t care.”

Well which one is it? Freaking water or milk?

Left or right.

Fish or meat.

Puppy or shark.

Sometimes it really matters. And indecisiveness, leaving you to answer your own question, is infuriating.

But let me tell you where “I don’t care” is the best possible answer you can give.

I just turned 18. And for my eighteenth birthday…*drumroll* my parents got me a trip to Australia. (I know, I know, I’ll shut up and let you hurl envious rage at me in about fifteen paragraphs). About two weeks ago, my Mom and I went to a travel agency to seek help on disabled travel. We didn’t find much expertise. There really needs to be a separate branch of the travel agency entirely devoted to handicapped travel that can help with this. Senior citizens? Doesn’t everyone travel in their retirement? The demand is there and not being met; not to mention the financial success whatever company that decides to do this would surely experience.

But I digress.

While we found no expertise, we did find kind and enthusiastic agents with plenty of “warnings.”

And to each one, I grinned my reply.

“Well, it’s going to be a bear of a flight.”

“I don’t care.”

“You’ll be pressed to get everything done.”

“I don’t care.”

“The weather will be blazing hot.”

“I don’t care.”

“You’ll have to be careful with handicapped transport.”

“I don’t care.”

Friends, when planning a trip as a disabled commuter, don’t leave everything up to fate. Be realistic. Be prepared. Highlight travel guides and call ahead. But above all, be excited. Be willing to let go and know that somehow you will land back at your doorstep. You may test your limits physically, mentally and emotionally, but the limitation is constituted only by what’s in your head and what you are willing to relinquish control over. After all, what is adventure without a little uncertainty? What is uncertainty without a little courage?

Not all who wander are lost.

But those who don’t wander may very well be.

I’ll keep you posted, even though you all may despise me with jealously now.

Frankly, my dears…

I don’t care.


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