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Recently, I’ve thought about getting a service animal. Actually, I think about it every time I drop something and have to spend 30 minutes picking it up with a hanger or a back scratcher.

The problem is what kind of service animal do I want?

The clear dominator of the service animal industry are service dogs.

I love dogs but I have two and training one of them to be a service dog may prove difficult since they spend a majority of their day chasing animals in our backyard and the rest sleeping, dreaming about chasing said animals.

There have been a lot of articles recently, about service monkeys.

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Initially my thought was, “uh, yes!” I’ll dress it up in little outfits and have it sit on my chair, but then thought, one, I’m quirky enough without a monkey sitting on my chair and two, my dogs would probably think it’s a squirrel and well lets just say the last squirrel didn’t fair too well in the presence of my dog, Mea.

Finally, there are also service miniature horses, though cool, seems exceptionally impractical.

Then it hit me. The greatest idea for a service animal, of all time.

A hot guy.

Here are the eight reasons a hot guy would better than a dog, a monkey and a miniature horse.


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