Man Creates "Yelp" Of Wheelchair Accessibility - Introducing AXSmap - The Mobility Resource


Jason Da Silva is more aware of the many differences in the lives of able-bodied people and those with disabilities than most people. From the three or four steps that often connect a sidewalk to a doorway, to maneuvering around behind a film camera, these sorts of obstacles have been a part of his life ever since he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at the age of 25.

Da Silva is a filmmaker that whose work has aired on PBS and HBO. One of his documentaries When I Walk documents the obstacles and troubles he’s had due to his multiple sclerosis.

But for him, it was about more than just using his film to educate people. He also wanted to make some sort of concrete change that would make the lives of the disabled a little more convenient, particularly when it comes to moving around cities or other crowded places. This is what eventually led him to create AXSmap.

AXSmap is an app that helps individuals with physical disabilities find businesses that are easily accessible. Because the map is crowdsourced, the map is reliable and updated frequently. Users can leave reviews with information about the accessibility of entrances and exits, bathrooms, and so on.

The idea behind the map is to let users plan ahead for any trip they are taking. When they can prepare themselves for a lack of accessibility and make plans around these obstacles, it can save time and hassles.

With plans to soon implement social features into the map, ASXmap is sure to become one of the most beneficial tools for the disability community.

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