For the Love of Mom: 8 Stories to Inspire - The Mobility Resource

the-day-i-arrived-hollandThe Day I Arrived in Holland: A Metaphoric Memoir

By: Dr. Darla Clayton


Mother’s with Disabilities: They’re not Invisible


By: Jeff Gorman

7 Confessions of a Special Needs Mom

By: Dr. Darla Clayton



jane-hash-motherDisability Doesn’t Have to Dominate the Mother-Daughter Relationship


By: Jane Hash

Zachary & his motherA Son’s Perspective: Reflecting on Mom and My Cerebral Palsy


By: Zachary Fenell





The Barracuda Momma: Celebrating Mom’s Gift of Sacrifice


By: Shea Meagale




Mothers of Paralyzed Adults: Extended Parenting, Time and Love


By: Michael Ritter


Confessions from a Mom with a Disability


By Jennifer Gorman


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