New Assistive Technology: Ergo Joystick - The Mobility Resource

Assistive technology, adaptive equipment, rehabilitative devices, it’s all the same thing and there is more of it today than there ever has been.  For the majority, this is a wonderful thing.  However, a lot of this technology doesn’t quite live up to the consumers expectations, needs and desires.

In a recent interview with Joe Olson, creator of the Ergo Joystick, he said, “If you drove a car, you wouldn’t want someone who doesn’t drive to design your car for you.”  Olson hit the nail right on the head with that statement!

He is a mechanical engineer who is also a wheelchair-using quadriplegic.  It just makes sense that a wheelchair-user, with the necessary education, would be the most qualified individual to design a useful piece of assistive technology for other wheelchair-users.

To learn more about Joe Olsen and the Ergo Joystick, listen to the interview below.

Photos Courtesy of Ergo Joystick



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