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There is no shortage of issues that make the lives of people with disabilities more challenging than necessary.  For many of us, an inaccessible society combined with limited financial resources and higher than average medical expenses, is often more limiting than our actual diagnosis.

Finally, there has been a technological advancement that could actually make the lives of many PWD’s easier–Smart Chair, The Future of Personal Mobility This technology has only been on the market for a few weeks and TMR was lucky enough to be the first media outlet to have a Q and A with Machiej Szkodzinski, Smart Chair marketing specialist.

Who conceptualized the Smart Chair? 

The concept for the Smart Chair came from KD Healthcare USA.  They are an innovator in the health market making a wide range of products such as massage seats and mattresses, abdominal support belts, bathtub accessibility bars and many more products.   They’ve been innovating every day health products for about five years and the Smart Chair is their entry into the electric wheelchair market.

How did it go from concept to reality?

KD Healthcare examined the electric wheelchair market and found that a lot of products available were extremely heavy and bulky and seemed very cumbersome for users.  The existing products generally had poor turning radius, which made it difficult to maneuver inside homes.  They also found that the batteries for existing electric wheelchairs were based on old technology, were extremely heavy and inefficient.  They wanted to change all of these things.

Essentially, they had the idea to make a lightweight, yet durable and small electric wheelchair.  They stepped it up a notch by creating a product that was all of those things and then thought: ‘Hey, why don’t we make it foldable so it stores easily in a car or SUV.’  The result was the Smart Chair, weighing only 50 pounds, yet durable enough to support passengers weighing up to 250 pounds.

Have there been any tests done to show that the Smart Chair is safe and won’t tip over?

Smart Chair – In their design phase for the Smart Chair, KD Healthcare made sure that their product would be extremely safe and thought of safeguards to prevent the Smart Chair from rolling backwards on an incline.  They found that on older bulkier competitor models, it was not recommended to come to a stop on inclines.  Their electromagnetic Anti-Tilt technology prevents the Smart Chair from rolling backwards, and also included additional wheels to prevent the Smart Chair from tipping over on high-grade inclines.  The Smart Chair is actually rated to climb inclines up to 12 degrees with ease.

What are the actual users saying?

Feedback from users has been tremendous.  Every single one of our customers absolutely loves their Smart Chair–and what is there not to love?  It is extremely simple to set up and use, fold and stores virtually anywhere, and lasts for nearly 10 miles of continuous use.  That is enough to go around Central Park about seven times.  The regular electric wheelchair user will virtually never run out of power in a day of use; and plugging it in overnight leaves it to be fully charged daily, as it goes from an empty to full battery in just about five hours.

They also love the small turning radius of 31.5 inches, as it makes it extremely easy to maneuver around their home with ease.   It is also rugged enough to go outside and it’s max speed of 3.75 miles per hour makes it extremely convenient to ride to a store or a shopping mall. 

Where can people find a Smart Chair? 

The Smart Chair has been made available for sale on its official website at as well as the Amazon and eBay marketplaces.  Its normal retail price is $2199.99 but has been made available for a limited time introductory price of $1799.99 ,which makes it affordable on anyone’s budget.

At such an attractive price point of $1799.99, KD Healthcare wants everyone to be able to afford the Smart Chair and benefit from what it has to offer.  Why would anyone want to spend $2500 or more on an electric wheelchair that weighs 3 to 4 times more than the Smart Chair?

Has the Smart Chair been on display at any Ability Expos?

We have just started marketing the Smart Chair in the past month and have not been able to take it to any Ability Expos yet, but we are planning to in the coming months.  It will be a hit, as it is an innovative product that we’ve gotten a tremendous response with from our customers and we’re sure that the response at expos will be just as welcoming.
Also,  the Smart Chair comes with a battery charger that plugs into the AC outlet on one end and into the joystick on the other end.  The AC outlet side can be converted with a standard outlet converter (110V -> 220V) for use in Europe too!  In conclusion, the Smart Chair may be especially appealing to the population of PWD’s who are only part-time wheelchair-users because of its insignificant price tag.


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