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Getting a vehicle loaded up before a trip is often stressful. If you have limited mobility and drive a handicapped van, the endeavor is especially difficult. Start with thorough packing preparation. This way, you don’t have to worry about forgetting important items or where to put them. When you’ve made your checklists and plans, enlist some help with the physical tasks involved.

Preparing to Pack Handicapped Vans

Start lists of everything you need to pack for your trip. Begin at least a few days in advance of your departure. This way, you’ll have time to purchase anything you still need. You’ll also have enough time to remember everything. It’s often helpful to make separate lists for different categories of items. For example, clothing, toiletries, important papers, medication, electronic equipment, food and drinks, entertainment items and other categories can be helpful.


Determine ahead how to load suitcases, bags and other gear into your handicapped van. Decide which items don’t have to be accessible on the road. Plan to load them into the van first. Make sure you know where everything is. See to it that you’ll be able to get to anything you might need during travel. Plan for minor mishaps, too. For example, if your suitcase is buried, have an extra shirt and pants within reach in case of a spill while you’re en route.

Get Help Loading Up Your Handicapped Vans

Don’t try to do too much on your own. It’s not worth the hassle and the risk of injury. If you have a wheelchair lift or platform, you can probably use it to get some items into the van. However, it’s still best to enlist assistance. Offer a kid in the neighborhood a few dollars for his or her help. Otherwise, bring in a friend or family member to help you load your handicapped van. Show them your lists so they don’t miss anything. Also, share your packing plan to ensure they put everything into the van as you want it.

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