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Day 1: Matthew Walzer
Nike moved by teen with cerebral palsy through Twitter.


Day 2: Shannon DeVido
Actress and singer breaking barriers through comedy.


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Day 3: Paul Brailer
Getting mugged lead to assailant’s broken elbow and Criptaedo.


Day 4: Anita Cameron
Civil Rights activitist works with ADAPT and meets U.S. presidents.


Day 5: TBD


Day 6: Judy Noerr
Taking the time to train sensory sensitive santas.


Day 7: Andrew Horn
Creating a Craigslist for people with disabilities.


Day 8: Michael and Dana Ritter
Openly sharing life when one has a disability and the other doesn’t.


Day 9: Chelsie Hill
Teaching teens about distracted driving through Walk and Roll.


Day 10: Joe Stone
Turns depression into dedication as he sets sights on being the first quadriplegic to complete the ironman triathlon.


Day 11: Shawn Bryant
Inspired by classroom discussion and aid from Bob Dole, children with disabilities across the world are given a chance to play.


Day 12: Julian Gordon
Amramp owner works hard to make DME affordable by hiring a full-time staff to research all funding opportunities available.

Day 13: Nicole Eredics and Terri Mauro
Two moms on opposite side of the U.S., host podcasts to speak on inclusive classroom experiences.

Day 14: Tim Harris
Accomplished 26-year-old with down syndrome who owns the worlds friendliest restaurant.

Day 15: Christopher Dutcher
Dutcher traveled 15,000 miles in 90 days to meet with other families affected by MPS disorder.

Day 16: Alison Mahowald
Founder of Active Minds.  With over 350 chapters nationwide, her organization promotes mental health awareness on college campuses across the country.

Day 17: Brittany Murlas
Community Director for Piggybackr, a start-up who helps young people raise funds for their team, school or organization.

Day 18: Rich Donovan
Multi-talented businessman who shows major brands how to appeal in the growing disability market.

Day 19: Ben Munoz
Ben overcame a rare condition called AVM which led him to launch an online hub where individuals battling rare conditions can connect.

Day 20: David Bexfield
After experiencing the experimental stem-cell treatment, he went from needing assistance in the important fields of independence to living an active lifestyle.

Day 21: Jenni Gold
Film-maker exploring the history of people with disabilities in cinema.
Day 22: Tish Scolnik
GRIT’s CEO creates off and on road wheelchair via leveraged mechanism.
Day 23: Hyungsoo Kim
Eone’s CEO has created a watch that isn’t just good for those with visual impairment, but sleek enough for executives to be able to tell time when in dark places with out the use of a light.


P R E S S    R E L E A S E   


For Release: November 29, 2012

The disability community is saturated with multi-millionaires and celebrities who donate money to advocacy groups and non-profits. Sure, we’re grateful for their contributions. And their generosity should not be overlooked.

But what about the people who don’t fit the c-level status quo? The creative. The thought leader. The innovator. Or the grass roots advocate.

We want to recognize them.

The Mobility Resource (TMR) presents a special series highlighting 25 of the nations most promising movers and shakers in the disability community.

Beginning December 1 and each day after, TMR will highlight an individual who’s shaping the future of the disability community.

TMR’s content team searched for weeks to find a diverse group of visionary and influential people whose efforts make a difference in the lives of people with disabilities.

“We received an overwhelming response of nominations, but we narrowed the list down carefully,” said Chris Miller, director of interactive marketing. “We wanted to recognize the up-and-comers. Parents, entrepreneurs and thought leaders made the list over established professionals.”

Enjoy 25 Days of Mobility Movers and Shakers throughout the month of December at www.themobilityresource.com/blog

Contact: Chris Miller
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