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Mobility has never sounded better.

braunability-quiet-driveBraunAbility is excited to introduce the new Quiet Drive system – a new technology that helps eliminate the unwanted road and cabin noise in our wheelchair vans.

For the past two years, BraunAbility engineers have researched the acoustic properties of a wheelchair van. They’ve tested solutions at the advanced engineering facilities of Chrysler and Ford. The results? An up to 25% overall reduction in wheelchair van noise.

Here’s how it works:


    1. Primary weather seals are supplemented with secondary noise-blocking weather seals.
    2. Noise-blocking material that stops sound before it enters the cabin is strategically placed throughout the vehicle.
    3. High-performance noise-absorbing materials are placed inside interior panels and open spaces in the vehicle.
    4. The exhaust system was re-engineered to reduce noise and vibration.


The new technology is now standard on every BraunAbility wheelchair accessible van – because mobility should not come at the cost of an enjoyable ride.

Schedule a demo at your local wheelchair van dealer today. Call 1-866-711-7770 now.

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