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Barriers to fun are coming down … just in time for summer.

Whether you want to explore challenging trails or simply walk your dog down the street, technology is making it happen for people of all abilities. 

Walking the dog is an activity that many people take for granted, and some actively dread this task. Wheelchair users would welcome the opportunity to walk their dogs with little trouble.


The Doggone Wheelin’ Lap Strap is designed to make dog-walking more simple and enjoyable. The strap goes under the chair and over the lap, with a clip for the dog’s leash.

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This allows the legs to be strapped in, with the hands free in order to secure the dog’s leash. For that reason, the strap is also good for wheelchair athletes who aren’t using it to walk their dogs.

 “Our mission here at Doggone Wheelin’ is to offer a safe and fun way to get outdoors with your dog,” the website states. “They give us their all, and we owe it to them to return the favor!” 

Exploring new terrain

What if you want to go into the woods or other non-paved terrain, but your wheelchair is not up to the task? The Action Trackchair can make it happen.

Using a tank-like wheel roller on each side, the Action Trackchair allows users to conquer bumpy off-road terrain, opening new avenue for exploring nature.

 “With the Action Trackchair, you will be able to navigate mountain roads, campgrounds, woods, beaches, hiking trails, frozen lakes, shallow streams, muddy and snowy terrain and much more,” according to the website.

The Trackchair has a power tilting seat, and it also comes in a standing model called the Action Trackstander.

An Action Trackchair comes in seat widths of 16 to 24 inches at a cost of $10,600. A 14-inch model costs $9,400.

The Trackstander is available in widths of 18 and 20 inches at a cost of $15,795. The 14-inch seat model costs $14,200.

These vehicles are covered by a warranty of one year, plus five years for the welding and the tracks.

To find an Action Trackchair dealer, click here.

No Barriers Summit

If you really want to expand your horizons, check out the No Barriers Summit in Park City Utah, scheduled for July 9-12, 2015.

The Summit will be a collective of thinkers and doers in interactive sports, arts and education. It will include an Innovation Village featuring demonstrations of adaptive equipment.

Arts clinics will include painting, sculpture, mixed media, storytelling and creative writing.

You can also participate in an Amazing-Race style scavenger hunt, using a GPS tracker to find items around the Park City resort.

Many sports clinics will be available for participants of various abilities. Mountain handcycling, amputee soccer, sailing, road biking, kayaking, ropes courses, archery, wheelchair tennis and an adaptive climbing wall are among the options.

When summit visitors need a break from all of this physical activity, they can attend educational sessions on employment and entrepreneurship.

Also, Daniel Kish will conduct three-hour sessions to teach echolocation to visually impaired people. According to the Summit website, he uses “a unique, scientific method to teach people to see in new way by activating the brain to gain images of the world through sound and touch – like lighting a match in the dark.

Click here to register for the No Barriers Summit.

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