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Summer is here!

It’s time for that summer road trip to the beach, mountain, or cross-country adventure. There’s no better way to relax than getting out of the house and enjoying some relaxation away from home.

Do you have what you need to hit the road? Below are some tips to get you started:

  1. It’s all about the tires. Check air pressure, tread thickness, and wear and tear. Don’t wait to replace tires; it might be an additional cost, but it beats a flat in the middle of a heat wave.
  2. Too cool for school. It’s no fun when the air conditioning stops, especially when it’s 90 degrees. Check to make sure the filter is clear and the air compressor is in optimal condition.
  3. Change the oil. This may sounds like a broken record, but change your oil when it is time, without exception.
  4. Does your ramp need a tune up? If you have accessible equipment such as a ramp, hand controls, or other adaptive equipment, be sure it is in optimal condition for your road trip.
  5. Emergency kit. It’s always a good idea to have what you need in case on an emergency away from home. Bring additional medications, phone numbers, a cell phone, extra supplies for those “just in case” moments. Got roadside assistance? Be sure your roadside assistance vendor knows your vehicle is accessible. 
  1. Be sure your destination includes equipment you need. Wheelchair Beach chair, beachfront rental with an elevator, paved hiking trails. Before you leave, identify accessible hotels, restaurants, and activities so you’ve got plenty to do without being frustrated.

Preparing for your summer excursion doesn’t have to be hard. It may mean a little more preparation up front, to ensure having a exciting vacay at your favorite destination! 

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