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If you’re going to protect your clothes in a strong suitcase when you travel on an airplane, doesn’t it make sense to protect your wheelchair, too?

That’s the idea behind the Wheelchair Caddy, which offers the protection of a suitcase for your wheelchair when you travel on a plane.  I have read articles and seen videos of what air travel can do to a wheelchair.  If you depend on your chair solely for mobility and it gets damaged from the friendly skies, it could take weeks to get it fixed.  When you’re on vacation, that is one luxury you don’t have.

My wife has a hard seat chair.  This means the back comes off, the seat comes off then there’s many other parts as well.  Her simple fold down chair has 9 parts in total.  How do you get get that many parts to travel safely through the air ways?  Watch us as we dismantle her chair and get it in to the compact yet safe way to protect her wheelchair through the Wheelchair Caddy.  In the past, we had to bring my wife’s wheelchair all the way to the door of the plane, dismantle the chair down to the frame and carry all these individual pieces on the plane with us.  Then we had to fly the skies in hopes of getting the chair’s frame back in one piece when we arrived at our destination.

Considering how many parts a wheelchair has, how expensive it is and how even a slight alteration to the brakes can mess things up, we knew that buying a Wheelchair Caddy would be the best idea.

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We reviewed the orange and yellow Wheelchair Caddy which sponsors the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation. A portion of  revenue goes toward the search for a cure to spinal cord injuries.

Before our trip to Disney World last Christmas, I packed the wheelchair into the Caddy and placed the cushion, foot rests and arm rests into its side compartments, while my wife shot a video explaining how the device works.

After pulling tight on the drawstrings of the Wheelchair Caddy, I was able to pick it up without the chair unfolding and without my spine unfolding, either!

When we got to the airport, we used one of the airport wheelchairs and checked the Wheelchair Caddy on to the plane along with our large suitcase. 


When we arrived, the Caddy had some black scuff marks on it, but that means it did its job! Who knows what calamity would have befallen my wife’s wheelchair if it was unprotected in the cargo hold.

Because if a screw or a brake part would have fallen off in the cargo hold of the plane, it wasn’t coming back. Then we would have had to spend hundreds of dollars to rent a scooter and thousands on a new chair after we returned. So the Wheelchair Caddy paid for itself on the first trip.

The airport attendant who helped my wife through told us that some wheelchairs are so banged up they are unrecognizable.

Some people use the Wheelchair Caddy in everyday car travel, not just at the airport. The Caddy’s handles were designed to distribute the wheelchair’s weight evenly, so whoever lifts it can use their arms and legs, not their back.

The Wheelchair Caddy comes in blue and camouflage colors as well as the Reeve Foundation version. The camo caddy is a tribute to America’s disabled veterans.

Also, Wheelchair Caddy comes in a rigid version to protect non-folding wheelchairs.

We love the Wheelchair Caddy and highly recommend it to anyone.

People spend thousands of dollars on luggage to protect a few items of clothes why not spend a few hundred to protect a wheelchair that costs over thousands?


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