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Roosevelt runs Portland, Maine from his chair

When you see Roosevelt in action today, it’s hard to believe that not long ago, it had been recommended that he be put down because he was born with a deformity.

But that didn’t stop Stephanie Fox from falling in love with the special pup when she visited New England Border Collie Rescue three years ago. Fox named her little dynamo of a pup for President Franklin D. Roosevelt – who managed to bring our nation out of the Great Depression from his wheelchair. And today, Roosevelt has become a local mascot of sorts, an inspiration and an internet sensation.


Necessity is the mother of invention.

Aware that border collies are a herding breed that require constant activity, Fox got creative. She was able to modify a rear-wheel drive doggie wheelchair for front-wheel functionality. The customized $900 chair straps on to Roosevelt’s collar and he’s ready to roll. Off and running, Roosevelt continues to put a smile on the face of countless Portland residents. Unstrapped from his wheelchair, Roosevelt balances on two legs and bounds about much like a kangaroo. His back legs have adapted to become remarkably strong in order to compensate for his disability.

“People think he should have been put down because they think he’s suffering but he wakes up happy every day,” Fox explained to the Bangor Daily News. [Read more.] “If you had a child with a disability you’d try to enrich them, give them opportunities. So why not do the same with a dog?”


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