FAQs for Accessible Trucks

Accessible Trucks Faqs

Frequently asked questions about accessible trucks.

Where can I sell my wheelchair equipped van that I no longer need?

It can be very difficult to sell a wheelchair equipped vehicle on your own, so we’ve created a resource to connect you with a dealer who will purchase your vehicle. Simply fill out the form on our resource page, and one of our 104 accessible vehicle dealers will call you with an offer.

Can I rent a wheelchair accessible vehicle for temporary use?

Yes! Click Here to visit our rental resource page.

Am I able to obtain special financing for the purchase of a wheelchair accessible vehicle?

Please visit our finance resources page to learn more about the options available for financing your vehicle.

What types of adaptive driving equipment are available?

The technology for driving controls is expanding every day.  From basic mechanical hand controls to hi-tech drive-by-wire systems, there is equipment to fit a wide range of needs.  Whether you’re exploring various lift options available, looking to learn about hand controls and adaptive seating options, or simply want to browse all available equipment, visit our equipment page to learn more about the adaptive driving options that are available to you. Or talk to a mobility specialist to learn about the options available to get you back on the road!

Can I convert my existing vehicle to be wheelchair accessible?

Check out our resource page to learn more about the conversion of an existing vehicle.

*While consumers can have their own vehicle converted or purchase an approved vehicle and have it converted, we do not recommend this! If you would like to explore this option, talk to a mobility dealer near you before purchasing a vehicle. Do not ask a regular dealership. It is very important to talk to your local mobility dealer prior to any purchase to ensure that the application will work with the vehicle you plan to purchase.

Which vehicles offer all-wheel drive?

Due to the lowering of the floor to make the vehicle wheelchair accessible, there are no all-wheel drive vehicles available.

Which vehicle offers the best gas mileage?

Estimated MPG from highest to lowest overall:

What is the cost of the truck conversion?

The cost of converting a truck depends on a number of factors. We will put you in touch with one of our dealers who can work with you to determine the price of the truck that you select.

What is the warranty?

Mobility SVMS conditional warranty covers modifications for three years or 36,000 miles (whichever comes first).

How much weight will the platform lift handle?

The wheelchair lift is rated to handle 750 pounds.

What trucks can be converted for disabled access?

Currently the manufacturer can convert the Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra 1500 and 2500 models 4×4 and 2×4; Crew or Extended Cabs. Please note they are NOT able to convert 2500 4×4 Driver side trucks at this time.

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