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Hand Controls Faqs

Frequently asked questions about steering controls.

How do I know what type of hand controls I need?

A Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialist (CDRS) is trained to evaluate your situatuation and determine the best equipment for your needs. You can find specialist near you through ADED, the Association for Driver Rehabilitation Specialists, or through a Mobility Resource Dealer. They will be able to write a prescription for the car hand controls you need to safely operate your vehicle. The CDRS will also provide the proper training on the equipment to make sure you are comfortable being on the road again.

Can someone else drive my vehicle if I install hand controls?

Usually, yes. Most hand controls are designed so that they won’t interfere with the regular operation of the vehicle. You or your loved one can alternately drive the vehicle safely and comfortably. Only the most advanced drive-by-wire systems eliminate the ability to operate the vehicle in the standard fashion. Talk with your local Mobility Resource Dealer before making any vehicle purchase to discuss your particular needs as well as those of others who will be driving the vehicle.

Are there hand controls available for my vehicle?

Driving controls are available for most vehicles, including cars, minivans and full-size vans, pickup trucks, SUVs, crossover vehicles and wagons. However, the type of controls you need may not be available for ALL vehicles. Talk with your local Mobility Resource Dealer before making any vehicle purchase to find out what works best for you

I had a stroke. Can hand controls help me?

Yes. Many stroke victims have returned to driving with the aid of hand controls, which can be adapted for use by the side of the body unaffected by the stroke. A Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialist (CDRS) and your local Mobility Resource Dealer can evaluate you to determine which controls you need in order to drive safely.

What if I want to change vehicles?

Many hand controls can be transferred from vehicle to vehicle with the correct mounting kit. The only exception is the drive-by-wire systems. Be sure to talk with your local Mobility Resource Dealer before transferring your hand controls.

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