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Financing to help move your purchase forward.

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Financing a Wheelchair Van

Financing is available.

For many families impacted by disability, their wish list includes an accessible van needed for reliable transportation of children, youth, or adults with disabilities. Yet, many families feel an accessible van is out of reach. Often, individuals and families are already facing enormous medical, technological, therapeutic, and living costs.

According to the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association, “The number one reason people with disabilities don’t have access to adequate transportation is because they cannot afford it.”

Take a sigh of relief, because purchasing an accessible van or adaptive equipment within a range of $150-$60,000+ can be affordable, with some creative financing.

Compare/Contrast Your Options

Sometimes finding a used vehicle or adaptive equipment may be better than purchasing a new vehicle. In other cases, considering a new vehicle is the better option. Consider your individual needs, and use online sites to compare prices for the equipment you need.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA) has a brochure with factors to consider when selecting vehicle modifications: 

Working with Banks and Lenders

Accessible vans often cost more than traditional vehicles due to conversions. Banks and lenders may not understand the value of the necessary modifications to make conversion vans accessible.

A lender who works with accessible van loans can offer up to 100% financing, sometimes sidestepping the need for a down payment. These lenders could offer extended terms, allowing for repayment to take place over a longer period of time with lower payments. Consider the life of the loan vs. the life of the vehicle.

Requirements for Applying for a Loan

  • High Credit Score
  • Fixed Income
  • Income to Debt Ratio Less Than 40% (other factors may apply)

Below are additional sources to assist you in financing your equipment or vehicle:

While financing is one part of purchasing an accessible vehicle, be sure to identify your specific short-term and long-term needs for accessible transportation or equipment.

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