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Accessible Transportation Enables Seniors to Live More Independently and Prevent Feelings of Isolation Prior to COVID-19, brochures and websites for senior living communities proudly advertised their ability to provide resident transportation to hairdressers, shopping centers, religious services, outings and other daily activities. Years ago, assisted living centers with an ample fleet of shuttle buses and

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The Mobility Resource (TMR) strives to keep seniors and people with disabilities active, on-the-go and enjoying life! Whether you’re looking for yourself or someone you love, we provide a variety of online research tools to help with making the right choice regarding wheelchair vans for sale, scooter lifts, seating modifications and other adaptive equipment. Our

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It’s normal for people to want to act immediately when a loved one has a stroke or suffers a debilitating injury. Unfortunately, making rash emotional decisions on what to do about accessible travel isn’t always the best long-term solution. I’ve personally been involved with having to make these decisions only a year ago with my

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When you know quad doesn’t mean the square in the middle of the campus.
When every third person you meet in public says to you in a voice of hushed reverence, with a gentle pat on your arm and an ever so small tear glinting in their eye, that “you are so special to be with him.”

As a special needs parent, it seems that people have a desire to comment to me, about my children, my parenting, my spiritual beliefs, my life choices and my future plans. Friends, acquaintances, family members and complete strangers are remarkably comfortable questioning and commenting on various aspects of our lives.

Cerebral palsy, autism, cognitive disabilities, speech and language difficulties, the list could go on. These disabilities may not be as visible to onlookers as others.

I’m married to a handsome, funny, caring man who happens to be a c5/6 quadriplegic. Our life isn’t ordinary. At times we feel like rock stars riding the high of achievement together. Sometimes, we hold each other and just cry. This is a look at some of the challenges we’ve faced in our marriage of just four years so far, together. Admittedly, this is our experience. I recognize each marriage and each disability and couple face different challenges in different ways.

The fact that bullying is prevalent enough to warrant this article disheartens me. So many children and teenagers are bullied, shunned, or otherwise mistreated in school, in the community, in their own neighborhoods every day. While this problem is serious amongst the general population, it seems that children with disabilities are targeted more frequently.

So many awesome tricks a service animal can do, so little time. From carrying-based jobs to tug-based tasks, the things a service animal can do for people with limited mobility is nothing short of astounding.

On June 16, 1994 my family faced the unknown future following my paralysis. On a church mission trip to the scenic Bahamian island of Eleuthera I broke my neck performing a routine somersault. In a moment I was unable to move from the neck down. The team of experienced medical professionals traveling with our group stabilized me as we waited for a medical helicopter to arrive from the States.