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Follow these top ten tips to winterizing your accessible vehicle to stay safe on the road during the winter months.

Need to keep your accessible van clean? Megan Cutter shares tips for accessible vehicle cleaning and care.

Exploring wheelchair vans for sale to help get you get back on the road just got a lot easier. The Mobility Solutions tool is a comprehensive online resource to help people learn more about accessible vehicles and the variety of wheelchair driving options available to drive from a wheelchair. With this tool you can explore

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Magazines in Print and Online Designed to Help and Inspire Discovering relevant, uplifting information about how others thrive with a specific physical challenge or disease can encourage people and their caregivers to keep moving forward. Fortunately, there a few quality magazines and online publications that are written with the specific purpose of doing just that.

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Whether you’re buying a handicapped vehicle for yourself or for a loved one, there’s typically some concern with service when it comes to purchasing a used automobile, minivan or truck. The majority of us are going to consider whether or not there are underlying problems that can’t be identified with a simple test ride. If

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The problem with owning a power wheelchair or scooter is that sometimes it can be very difficult to troubleshoot simple problems that don’t require a technician, but rather an understanding of how to operate the electronic features properly.

The human body wasn’t meant to sit in a wheelchair all day, which must explain why it took so long for the wheelchair to finally get comfortable. Thank God for the 20th century and the invention of rubber, plastic, poly-stretch, electricity and everything else; rocketing the wheelchair into the echelon of comfort.

Growing up I always dreamed of the fairy tale wedding with my knight in shining armour. I dreamed we would get married, have children and live out our days in wedded bliss. Although marriage and family are never a certainty for anyone; having a physical disability can make achieving this goal more difficult.

Here are four disability related charities that you should donate to now.

Spend a week or a decade in a wheelchair, chances are you’ll be asked some pretty crazy things. And I get why–people are uncomfortable around things that are different, especially wheelchairs. (Even more so if they don’t know anyone who uses a wheelchair on a personal level).