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The problem with owning a power wheelchair or scooter is that sometimes it can be very difficult to troubleshoot simple problems that don’t require a technician, but rather an understanding of how to operate the electronic features properly.

Mexico is undoubtedly one of the most preferred and cherished holiday destinations in the world. This Caribbean paradise has everything that a tourist can wish for – amazing treasures of art and history, vibrant nightlife, breathtaking ancient Mayan ruins, exotic wildlife, picturesque jungles, cobbled streets, lively ambience and of course, spectacular golden beaches.

The Americans with Disabilities Act was passed over 20 years ago, and it made sweeping changes across the country. Accessibility and equality was suddenly everywhere. Entrances to public facilities, bathrooms, schools, how we are treated in the workplace, so many things changed, but taxis and how many should be made accessible in a city remains murky.

It was finally time to do Disney.
My brother was getting remarried in Florida, I’ve somehow crept into my early 40s, and I don’t travel much and like traveling even less. If I was getting close to Disney World, I was going.

Everyone dreams of going on the ultimate vacation, a vacation of a lifetime and wheelchair-users want this as much as anyone. We too dream of white sandy beaches and beautiful crystal blue pools beckoning us, but we also need to make sure where we go is accessible.