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How do you tie down a wheelchair in an accessible wheelchair.

Children with disabilities can enjoy most of the same toys their friends play with everyday. Some of these toys have special switches that make them easy for any child to activate.

The joy of parenting goes deep, but when you have a disability you have a lot more to think about so you can be the best parent possible.

When it comes to new wearable technology products, Google Glass often seems to be in the spotlight these days for its capabilities as a “wearable computer with an optical head-mounted display.” Its many unique features—from searching the web to taking pictures—can be accomplished by way of voice commands and have quickly proven to be of great benefit to many people with disabilities.

Although people with disabilities are not usually the target audience when new technology hits the market—think smartphones, accessible vehicles and home automation—they have certainly reaped the benefits.

As someone who loves watching shows like Say Yes to the Dress on TLC, you can imagine how excited I was when I got engaged this summer and finally had the opportunity to shop for my perfect wedding dress. Although I didn’t have bridal consultant extraordinaire Randy Fenoli by my side, I was lucky enough to be able to turn to fashion guru Christine Schwab for advice.

Before assistive technology such as wheelchair lifts and other van conversions became widely used, somebody first needed to pioneer the idea. The same holds true with assistive technology that continues to advance and evolve. A lightweight ekoskeleton, also termed wearable robot or Indego exemplifies one new promising technology. Indego empowers people with spinal cord injuries to stand up and walk. Recently The Mobility Resource chatted with Vanderbilt University mechanical engineering and physical medicine/rehabilitation professor Michael Goldfarb, the man who initially envisioned Indego.

After undergoing a foot surgery, you may be grateful for every second you spend in a wheelchair and off your injured foot – until you get home, that is. Unless your home is designed to suit your new wheel-bound lifestyle, it can be a considerable challenge to get around during your recovery period.

When my co-worker Ginger wrote Three Awesome Wheelchair Innovations, it got me thinking. What other products have been invented that would make life easier and where do you find them? The internet makes it extremely easy for people with disabilities without means of accessible van transportation, to find sites that sell accessible products.

When you search in Google, you’ll find thousands of articles on “Christmas Gifts to Buy for the Disabled,” but no one talks about what the disabled population can provide for you.