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Scooter and Wheelchair Lifts

Choose from a selection of the best-selling scooter and wheelchair lifts to get you back on the road.

Scooter Lifts

Dealers in The Mobility Resource network offer both swing-arm and platform-arm style lifts in several models, including the world’s best-selling lift, the Curb-Sider® by Bruno.

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Under Vehicle Wheelchair Lift

Under Vehicle Lifts mount under your vehicle to stay out of sight—and out of the way—until you need them. They also offer maximum interior space for you and passengers.

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Side-Entry Wheelchair Lift

Side-entry lifts are perfect for people on the go. BraunAbility’s Millenium Series provide easy entry to your vehicle, even in tight parking spots.

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Economical Wheelchair Lift

Dealers in The Mobility Resource network offer wheelchair lifts that can fit into the slimmest of household budgets. Century Series lifts by BraunAbility are designed for trouble-free performance and side or rear installation.

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Car-Top Carrier for Standard Folding Wheelchairs

Our car top wheelchair carrier folds and stores your wheelchair on top of your vehicle, leaving your backseat open for passengers and your trunk free for cargo. Our unique solutions fit most cars and light trucks.

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Folding Platform Wheelchair Lift

Folding platform lifts make entry easier for you and other passengers. The platform folds vertically when stored in the van, leaving over half the side door open for access to the vehicle.

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