Blurry view of a Wheelchair Accessible Ford SUV

Tie-downs keep you safely in place

The only adaptive driving connection you need.

Whether you’'re driving or riding, your wheelchair needs to stay firmly in place. The Mobility Resource offers a number of wheelchair securement options from well known brand leaders. There are basically two types of tie-downs/—locking pin systems that dock the wheelchair to the floor, and retractable tie-downs with straps that retract into a housing where they can be tightened or released.

Sure-Lok Titan Series Tie-Downs

The Mobility Resource carries a wide array of Sure-Lok wheelchair tie downs. The Titan series kits include self-tightening retractable tie-downs with all necessary hardware and floor fittings. Various tie-downs are designed to work with A-track and L-track S-hook connections. Our mobility experts can help you decide which kit will work best with your vehicle.

Q'Straint QLK150

QLK150 is SAFE, SIMPLE and INTELLIGENT. It is the only system to undergo a full 360 degrees of crash testing: forward, rearward, sideways and even inclined – giving you the most comprehensively tested system on the market.Also it is the only system tested to meet the safety standards and be compatible with WC19 wheelchairs.

EZ Lock Weehchair Docking System

No other device provides more freedom of mobility than the EZ Lock Wheelchair Docking system. It easily secures a wheelchair to the vehicle floor, saving time and effort. Better still, it takes only one person to lock the wheelchair into place. EZ Lock works equally well in the driver and passenger positions. The EZ Lock Docking System can be used with many different types of wheelchairs. Among the most popular are:
  • Invacare® Power and Invacare® Manual Wheelchairs.
  • Permobil® Power Wheelchairs.
  • Pride Mobility® Power Wheelchairs.
  • Quickie® Power and Quickie® Manual Wheelchairs.
With the EZ Lock system, simply guide the wheelchair into the docking base until the interfacing bracket on the wheelchair snaps into place. Here’s how it works:
  • Guide the pin into the “"V”"" shaped structure at the opening of the docking base.
  • Pull wheelchair forward a few inches until it engages the docking system.
  • ¼ steel locking levels lock onto the pin, securely holding the wheelchair in place.
  • A dependable ECU-3 electronics monitoring system will monitor your docking status the duration of your trip.