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Cost-effective wheelchair van rentals for a vacation or short-term use.

Find Your Next Handicap Van Rental

The Mobility Resource can connect you with our large network of over 100 dealers to find the best wheelchair van rental for your mobility needs! If you’re in need of a short-term vehicle to use on vacation, assist a visiting family member that requires accessible transportation, or to help decide on a permanent wheelchair van to purchase, renting a handicap van can provide the perfect solution. 

Our network of wheelchair van rentals is available locally and nationwide with a variety of mobility equipment including side-entry and rear-entry wheelchair ramps, scooter lifts, and more!

Why Rent with The Mobility Resource?


At The Mobility Resource, we’ll always help you find your next wheelchair accessible vehicle at an affordable price – and our rental process is no different! We’ll connect you with a dealer that offers competitive rates on their rentals so you never have to search for the best deal.  

Nationwide network

Our expansive network of accessible van dealers across the United States means you’ll never be far away from your next wheelchair van rental. Some of our dealers also offer flexible delivery options to make the rental process as seamless as possible!

Wide vehicle inventory

Our dealer network offers a wide range of handicap vans for rent that gives you plenty of options to find the right vehicle for your needs. Whether you need a vehicle with side-entry access or fold-out ramps, we’ll connect you with a dealer that has the right option for you.

Try Before You Buy

Are you in the market for purchasing a handicap accessible van, but don’t know which vehicle is right for your needs? Visiting a dealership for a consultation and test drive can be a great start in answering your questions, but you may be cautious towards how a vehicle actually fits into your day-to-day routine.

Renting a wheelchair van is the best way to see if a vehicle offers the right fit for your unique needs and lifestyle. Not only are you able to test drive your new vehicle, but you are also able to spend multiple days with it to see how it fits into your unique lifestyle. You will be able to answer all of the concerns in the same way you would during a typical dealership visit, but also have a better understanding about how a vehicle truly feels to you.

Many dealers in our network offer try before you buy programs that allow you to fully purchase your wheelchair van rental. Fill out our rental form today and we can connect you to a dealer that can answer questions about available rent-to-buy options.

Wheelchair Van Rental Rates

Daily: Daily rental rates range from $105 to $180 depending on the location and type of vehicle you’re looking to rent.

Discounts: Discounted rates are available for weekly and monthly rates. Ask your local wheelchair van dealer to learn more. 

Wheelchair Van Rental Requirements

Our dealer network enforces these general requirements for successfully renting a wheelchair-accessible vehicle:

  • Minimum age (18 years or older)
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Proof of vehicle renter’s insurance
  • Clean driver history

Please ask your local handicap van dealer if any additional requirements may apply.

Things to Consider Before Renting a Wheelchair Van

Just like with any other vehicle purchase, there are a few things to consider before renting your next wheelchair accessible van:

1.      Check availability: Some dealer locations may have a limited inventory of wheelchair vans for rent, and appointments might only be available on a first-come, first-served basis. Be sure your call your local dealer ahead of time to make sure there are rental vehicles still available.

2.      Insurance coverage: Wheelchair van rentals are not self-insured, so you will be required to have full insurance coverage before receiving for your rental vehicle. Be sure to contact your insurance provider ahead of time to make sure you are able to rent a wheelchair accessible van.

3.      Check vehicle dimensions: Your mobility needs are unique to your life – and your mobility equipment is no different. Be sure to ask about the height and width of the doors on your handicap van rental to make sure your need will be appropriately accommodated.

4.      Check seating capacity: The seating capacity in a wheelchair accessible van often ranges from 5 to 6 passengers. Be sure to ask about the seating capacity in your rental vehicle to ensure you have enough space for additional passengers.

5.      Be aware of mileage limits: Some dealers may set a limit on the number of miles you can drive your handicap van rental on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Be sure to know how far you will be travelling with your rental vehicle to avoid going over the limit. 

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