Toyota is a Japanese-based automotive manufacturer that is renowned for its modern designs, spacious interiors and overall safety and reliability. Toyota’s well-known minivan, the Toyota Sienna, is one of the industry’s most spacious power bi-fold wheelchair vans on the market. Top conversion manufacturers choose Toyotas for their excellent gas mileage (36mpg in select models), newer safety features including Safety Sense, and notable entertainment and sound systems. Conversion manufacturers, including BraunAbility, Driverge and VMI, often equip Toyota vehicles for wheelchair-accessible conversions. Toyota wheelchair vans are able to meet a variety of lifestyles and budgets:
  • Customers can choose from Toyota rear-entry vans and Toyota side-entry vans based on their preference.
  • Toyota wheelchair vans are available in fold-out or in-floor ramps that can be either manual or automatic.
If you or a loved one are interested in Toyota conversions, The Mobility Resource offers a variety of new and used Toyota wheelchair vans for sale. All of our vehicles are available with flexible financing options from The Mobility Resource’s dealer network so that you can find an affordable handicapped van.
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Toyota Sienna

Rear-Entry Toyota Sienna

Both the Toyota Sienna LE and XLE are available for rear-entry conversion. Below are a few benefits of a rear-entry Toyota Sienna handicapped van:

  • Rear-entry vans are typically more affordable than side-entry vans.
  • Rear-entry Toyota Sienna’s are able to accommodate either a manual or power ramp.
  • Attendants traveling with wheelchair users are able to be seated next to the wheelchair while in motion.
  • Rear-entry vans make entering and exiting the vehicle as barrier-free for wheelchairs as possible, as well as providing easy entry and exit to and from the back seats.
  • Rear-entry vehicles offer more parking flexibility for standard parking spaces in parking lots.
  • Rear-entry wheelchair vans provide more seating positions (up to 6 passengers) inside the vehicle when fold-down rear benches and center seats are maintained, making them an excellent choice for large families.

Side-Entry Toyota Sienna

The Toyota Sienna LE and XLE are both available for side-entry conversion. Below are a few benefits of a side-entry Toyota Sienna wheelchair-accessible van:

  • Flexible floor plan configurations.
  • Wheelchair users are able to drive the vehicle, either from their wheelchair or using an available transfer seat, or sit in the front passenger seat position with proper securement.
  • Standard removable seating allows the wheelchair user to have access to either the front or back seats.
  • Multiple ramp options, including manual and power, fold-out ramps and in-floor ramps that stow under the van once the door is closed.
  • Lowered-floor design that offers more accessibility to the driver’s seat, as well as more room when entering, exiting and traveling in the vehicle.

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