FAQs for Swivel Seating


Swivel Seating Faqs

Frequently asked questions about swivel seating.

What if I want to change vehicles?

Because there are no structural modifications made to your vehicle when installing a TAS it can typically be reinstalled in your next vehicle. It will not affect the resale of your current vehicle either, because the TAS can be removed from the vehicle when you are ready to sell or trade it in.

The vehicle seat is too high for me to climb up to. What can I do?

Bruno Turning Automotive Seats turns out and lowers from your vehicle to a comfortable height, making it easy for you to be seated and get into or out of the vehicle seat. Let the Bruno turning car seat do the work while you just enjoy the ride!

If I use a TAS to enter my vehicle, how do I get my scooter or wheelchair in?

The Mobility Resource Dealer in your area has solutions for easily lifting and stowing your wheelchair or scooter. Read about our wheelchair or scooter lifts, or learn about converting a van to accommodate a wheelchair lift.

Are turning auto seats safe?

Yes. The Turning Automotive Seat (TAS) from Bruno meets or exceeds all applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. All Mobility Resource Dealers are factory-trained for sales, installation, and service, so you can count on them to keep your safety front and foremost in their minds.

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