Help Hope Live Helping Many with Medical Expense Fundraising Efforts

Medical Expense Fundraising Organization Changing Lives

April 7, 2021


Help Hope Livea Community-Based Fundraising Resource to Consider

For many families experiencing the realization that their health insurance isn’t going to cover a significant amount of their medical expenses, turning toward fundraising organizations and non-profits becomes the next step in looking for help. For those who need to transport a loved one in a wheelchair, now also have the daunting task of finding financial resources to the help pay for a new or pre-owned wheelchair van.

In addition to GoFundMe, one of the organizations that has been getting more attention lately, especially for those dealing with a transplant, paralysis, stroke or traumatic brain injury, is Help Hope Live. While not as well known, the organization has been around for 40 years.

Sharing Your Story Online

Using a customized online Campaign Page to share your fundraising story, Help Hope Live provides the means to engage with potential donors and supporters. After registering with them, users can upload a a profile picture, video and text stories, photo albums and a guestbook for people to leave messages of encouragement. The website also provides the ability to create a custom event registration pages that allow you to sell tickets, share event information about the event, collect RSVPs, and other helpful features.

Help With Your Planning

Help Hope Live provides a team of professionals and staff that specialize in fundraising to pay for medical expenses. Their “Ambassadors” are individuals with a personal, hands-on experience in dealing with different medical situations such as Spinal Cord Injuries, Transplants and Traumatic Brain Injuries. The combined teams help to guide clients through the application process and assist with their fundraising efforts. Help Hope Live staff also provide ongoing support to individuals and their families as they face the challenges ahead of caring for a loved one.

Heart Touching Stories

This past March, one of the more touching stories shared on their website was for Rebecca Aleck Koltun of Plainview, NY. This young 21-year-old was about to graduate from college when she was in a life-threatening ski accident. Rebecca suffered catastrophic injuries to her neck and spinal cord. She will need months of rehabilitation and intensive therapy to see if she can regain any function. Rebecca is just one example of hundreds being helped by the organization to help pay for significant medical expenses and ongoing care. We are rooting for Rebecca to get better.

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